In order to maintain the highest quality of its products and to guarantee consumers maximum healthiness, Prosciuttificio San Nicola has implemented a hygienic and sanitary self-control system relating to every processing stage. The self-regulation has been introduced to compliance with the standards imposed by the DOP disposition.

The checks added on a voluntary basis consist of the request for supplementary certifications, which allow an organization to assess its environmental performance, to identify the traceability system in the agri-food chains, to set the application of food safety rules. This choice demonstrates the company’s willingness to market a product certified in the most complete way, compliant with international criterions, equipped with every requirement to maintain high standards of quality and satisfaction of its customers.

Certified 45001:2018
Certified 22005:2007
Certified 22000:2005
Certified 9001:2015
Certified 14001:2015
Certified BRC


Registration EMAS 2020
Environmental declaration 2020