Prosciutto San Nicola

A San Nicola hams are made with top-quality meat from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy.

100% natural, they do not contain any preservatives, nitrites, nitrates or any other chemical element.

They are also gluten and lactose-free.

The only added ingredient is sea salt.

Prosciutto San Nicola, Sano, naturale e ad alta digeribilità

Healthy and natural,
perfect for the whole family.

Come nasce il Prosciutto di Parma DOP San Nicola.
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How San Nicola PDO Ham is made

The San Nicola company specialises in well-aged hams, outstanding examples that require specific, meticulous steps in their production, the result of a long study and manufacturing process.

Researching into raw materials

The first stage is the most decisive and begins with purchasing products from the PDO supply chain possibly from farms where the animals are born, weaned and grow up.

This means we know all the essential genetic characteristics so we are sure that the finished product complies with set quality standards.

In fact, every aspect results in a thigh that, to become a San Nicola Ham, must be big enough, with a certain quality and quantity of lean meat and an even cover of fat.

This involves constant research, which never stops, and also includes a focus on animal welfare, a priority for the San Nicola family, to the extent that it only gets supplies from farmers who share the same value and rear pigs in the best way possible, ensuring they have the right space to move and eat outstanding feed.

La filiera DOP del Prosciutto di Parma San Nicola.

Processing and salting of thighs

The slaughtering of pigs is permitted in Italy from 9 months old. On the other hand, San Nicola well-aged hams are produced from late slaughtering, which is slightly over this time, a decision that helps further increase their quality.

All stages of the manufacturing process are meticulously monitored because each one helps create a flavour where the sweetness and softness are balanced by an intense, bold taste created from the slow ageing.

Every day, each thigh is observed, monitored, taken care of and changed depending on the customer’s requirements, thanks to the workers’ thirty years of experience, who try to turn it into the best ham in the world.

To do this, another step, which is the jewel in San Nicola’s crown, involves the salting, strictly done by hand and measured grain by grain, in a different way on every single ham and part of it.


The long ageing process is done in the most natural way possible, according to the region’s climate conditions, which are special for the excellent success of a fragrant product recognised the world over.

In fact, the temperatures inside the factory vary little from the outside and the only aspect that is artificially calibrated is the level of humidity, which is essential to guarantee appropriate ageing.

L’azienda San Nicola è specializzata nei Prosciutti di alta stagionatura.

Customer service

Over the years, the company started from the understanding that not all hams are the same but vary by their shape, size, ageing and many other aspects.

Similarly, the customer’s needs and preferences vary enormously, and in order to satisfy them as much as possible, it has developed important additional inhouse services, such as deboning done with the best technologies and food safety guarantees.

By following the same principle of customisation for what it offers, San Nicola recently added a pre-sliced service.

Prosciutto di Parma DOP San Nicola, dolce, delicato e appetitoso!
Prosciutto di Parma DOP San Nicola, dolce, delicato e appetitoso! 2